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Mother of four children, without a drop of fat, beautiful, slim, toned, shiny and shiny skin, no one would give her the age she is (48 years old), many wonder how she manages to maintain this state of shape.

We are talking about Victoria Beckam (originally: Victoria Caroline Adams), stylist, singer, top-level model.

Former member of the musical group "Spice Girls", then lead singer, in his career he has sold 86.7 million records: 85 million with the group and 1.7 million as a solo artist (100,000 albums and 1.6 million singles).

In the fashion world she quickly became a successful entrepreneur. He was awarded the “Designer Brand of the Year” at the prestigious “British Fashion Awards” in 2011 and, in 2017, received an “Officer of the Order of the British Empire” from Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the fashion industry and for his humanitarian commitment with the Red Cross and Unicef.

Many wonder: with such an intense life even from a family point of view (four children and a hyperactive husband), how does she manage to stay so young and show no signs of fatigue?

She revealed the secret herself, explaining that, together with a sober diet and hours in the gym, she practices  ozone therapy:

Thanks to ozone therapy, the immune system is strengthened, cellular function improves by delaying the signs of aging, the oxygenation of muscles and tissues remains toned and brilliant.

The benefits of ozone therapy in health care were already known and are increasingly evident, but the novelty that Victoria Beckam has brought to the attention of the general public concerns the benefits of ozone also in the field of aesthetics.

And here a world opens up.

Oxygen ozone treatments can be performed on the skin of the whole body, hands, face, neck, décolleté, scalp, etc., without any risk of side effects, redness, release of residues, allergic phenomena… or whatever.

A vast clinical and scientific documentation, corroborated by direct testimonies, demonstrates that ozone has a strong antibacterial action and stimulates tissue regrowth, increasing the defense capabilities of cells.

Thanks to the contact with the oxygen-ozone mixture, the skin is cleansed and regenerated, eliminating acne, dilated pores and all other forms of blemishes. Ozone is also able to reduce wrinkles, with tissue rejuvenation.

Skin absorption of ozone brings significant benefits to cellular metabolism, feeds tissue oxygenation, accelerates and activates blood microcirculation, limits water retention and eliminates free radicals.

In scientific terms, ozone has a high fungicidal, bacteriostatic, virustatic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, activating satellite stem cell, antibiotic, stimulating glycolysis and cellular energy production capacity.

Together with the aesthetic improvement of the skin, ozone is able to contribute to the general physical well-being.

The diffusion of ozone on the dermis has proved effective in particular for:
- prevent and delay skin aging,
- soothe and erase hematomas and blood spots,
- fight cellulite by reactivating the tone of tissues and muscles,
- limit localized and abdominal fat,
- eliminate heaviness and swelling of the legs,
- erase scars and keloids,
- unblock and relax blockages and muscle tensions,
- cure irritations, redness, furunculosis and dermatitis.

The use of ozone has also provided excellent results in scalp care and in particular to solve all types of dermatitis, avoiding flaking and itching.

Thanks to the ozone diffused inside a cap, it is possible to effectively treat skin atrophy, androgenetic alopecia, profuse seborrhea, and inflammation from chronic lichen simplex.

It is possible to apply ozone on the parts to be treated also using cosmetic products such as creams and oils. Long studies and laboratory tests have made it possible to incorporate ozone molecules in olive oil, creams and gels.

Once applied to the affected parts, the ozonides contained in these cosmetic products carry out a series of antioxidant actions, reactivating the turnover of collagen and elastin, stimulating the production of energy and purifying the skin.

As is known, beauty is also an indication of good health. And ozone and ozonated products are an effective solution to help the tissues and the body maintain a healthy and vital condition.

Antonio Gaspari



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