AD 7 mini

The best choice for handpiece sterilizer and the second sterilizer 
AD7 Mini – the most compact and convenient autoclave for surgical instruments, high-speed and scaler handpiece.

  • One-click-ease to enable 4 pre-programmed sterilization cycles from the user-friendly control panel
  • Speedy 3.5 minutes sterilization cycle available for urgent usage
  • Automatic door opening mechanism
  • Hassle-free auto water drainage design
  • 6 safety mechanisms for utmost operation safety
  • High quality stainless steel chamber for longer reliability
  • 14 handpiece can be disinfected effectively in every cycle. Two containers (HP rack, HP Basket) are provided as standard accessory 

Why AD7 Mini?

APOZA AD7 Mini provides the unchanged reliability for surgical instruments and handpiece sterilization in 8 minutes. It helps you eliminate instruments and handpiece bottlenecks by high efficiency sterilization performance 

One-click-ease to enable 4 pre-prammed sterilization cycles

Speedy 3.5 minutes sterilization cycle available
The speedy program is designated for any urgent situation when you need instruments immediately. When enabling program 1, it only sterilizes for 3.5 minutes at 132℃, and then enters the drying procedure for about 5 minute. The total process can be finished within 8 minutes.

Automatic door opening mechanism
The AD7 Mini shares the same technique with AD7 NewClave Autohouse, door will open automatically before starting drying procedure. The steam will leak out from the opening door. It speeds up the drying process by this fantastic design.

Hassle-free auto water drainage design
The auto water drainage design conveniently avoids over-filling and saves your time for draining operation. All you have to do is to fill in water before sterilization.

7 safety mechanisms for utmost operation safety
The AD7 Fast-HP is designed with the world’s most comprehensive safety assurance by 7 mechanisms, delivering safe and reliable operation. 



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